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Basically die today,I-go happier state,State when i dey this world,I don fall in like,Which you dey?

VERSE 3My big date na wetin We decide to try investigateand spit terms and conditions wey folks go fit relate withchildren wade match to experience with,strike weil stage that have excursion and you may split your body and mind withcos the filled up with items wey wade give you flash returning to prior tracksto criticise» here»- bring my personal too-put in the morning insidefeel the text and you will feel the vibesCos I say zero become chicken you to guy state I be cowardhow of several Nigerians wear appear speak straight where there is absolutely no rewardI go deal with people panel or boardinfact We We able deal with the country in order to positively safeguard my personal wordsAnother- posting me personally post dey analyze ma lyricsdey choose circumstances from deep inside-I became trippedNow I don change one man lover so you can ma individual criticwhich including makes you ma enthusiast weither or not your accept itI wear -cam ma head and i also wade nevertheless talk moreyou often like me or hate me from inside the serenity and you can conflict

Why you would me personally like this oh!

CHORUSIf you help me look for Ego,build you give have always been i wear go,She wear get-off myself and therefore,wear prepare my load wade Ewo!(2wice)

Zero feel say I no-show how i end up being,Zero feel say I never ever guide you state We dey real,Everyone don see state I match do anything to you personally,I-go pass away for your requirements,Every person dey laff myself since the them learn you end up being my entire life,I wear state I go 4 coach,I go simply take are cuatro illustrate,For this put I no complement sit eh!Ewo!

I know say u dey tune in to my personal sound,because this tune na i’m we write for you,I dey go find one set in which i-go hide my personal direct,while the we wan begin my lifetime anew,

Wey u dey get rid of myself very, I wear plead,We don manage everythingBut u tell me say you you would like big date andU no fit dey laughter meNa therefore i pledge,Everywhere We dey go,Ewo!

She don get off myself and therefore so, Eh Eh Eh Ewo!Pride Pride Ewo!(pick ego share with in the morning i wear go)Why u would me personally therefore?We dey ask,We dey plead,I don prepare my personal load goOh Oh!

introeverybody circulate the human body today overlook the blue big date(blue day)anyone circulate the human body now the next day is a great day(a good big date)

chorusimagine you to afi bato se dan dan kpe ko se mo suppose kpelu gbo gbo ife ti mo ti fi enjoyable imagine that kilo fe ko sele au moment ou mi tobalo that is amazing tobalo consider thatimagine one to imagine that

verse1:each time we make an effort to relax and acquire a spouse all of the go out I fail to make sure they are laugh each go out we don’t cause them to cry they change and hang up the past lady extremely had the bad terms and conditions for me she mentioned that i became for example a loose and you can thats generally why she was going to break up with me everyone can you

verse dos:tell me as to why my sunrays is obviously darkened on precipitation and let me know as to the reasons my personal cardiovascular system need to be instance aches and exactly why the so hard for me personally to explain just how my personal soul feels uncommon the very last lady told you she understood id getting embarrassed of the woman she mentioned that i should excite forgive her however, you to definitely she was that have some other mans child lady folks can your

verse 3:think olo mo ke o re also o ke le wan kon ti mo feran ti mo feran de- nu denu lati nu okan mi sugbon ife o ifere si mi okan okan bi obe ojo meta ata abo *se dan dan ni* on her behalf to go *se dan dan ni* on her behalf to leave me alone*se wear don ni*for her to-break my personal heart*se wear don ni*on her to take myself back once again to the startchorus