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He has got thin, hazel coloured (gray on the manga) eyes that have pet-such as for example youngsters which make him appear sly and you can daunting

Physical appearance

Kuroo is actually listed are tall and you may slim having large arms, well-dependent palms, and an effective muscular physique. His black colored hair is definitely dirty and you will spikes up because of his bed head. He also Age Gap Sites dating review has a perimeter with the his right-side one partially covers his eyes. As a result of his odd hairstyle, he or she is sometimes named «Rooster Head».

Kuroo is often viewed using a black clothing, purple sweatpants, together with Nekoma Large jacket. During certified suits, the guy wears the fresh new Nekoma uniform designated toward first.


Kuroo has actually an installed-straight back yet scheming identification which is believed a great «provocation specialist» by many [1] . However definitely provoke anyone else and that is unrelenting when dishing away snide remarks. This is displayed in how he angers Tsukishima if the first-season blocker maintained a good nonchalant emotions towards the volleyball in summer studies camp. not, Kuroo is actually kinder and more legitimate than their exterior image delivers. Immediately following realizing he has overstepped a column, Kuroo seeks away and you may apologizes in order to Daichi concerning provocation. Later on, proving one to while he is actually an excellent «provocation expert,» sportsmanship has been vital that you your [1] . He including cares and you may respects their elder coach, Yasufumi Nekomata, enormously, enough to help Karasuno increase in order to meet Nekomata’s desire fighting up against each other during the nationals a real possibility.

Centered on Kenma, Kuroo are a shy and you will taken man exactly who basic went for the his neighborhood when he was seven yrs old [2] . He was silent in front of strangers and you will awkward doing Kenma to start with, inspite of the a couple of being close-in decades. Both of them fused over video games and finally experienced volleyball together. More sluggish, Kuroo started initially to come out of his shell just like the a couple had all the more active in the recreation. He became a significantly higher and effective person, generated this new household members at school, and come going out to relax and play sports into other babies.

Kuroo is additionally proven to be an incredibly observant and you can user-friendly people with respect to each other volleyball and individuals. Although children, he had been incredibly attentive to Kenma’s hushed, taken personality, along with the feeling to not pull him over to perform some thing new son did not have any enjoyable inside undertaking [2] . Within the fits, their mindful characteristics given that a middle blocker is most lethal to possess Nekoma’s competitors. He easily tunes down and you will analyzes all flow of your own spikers, making it possible for him to hold a profitable cut off and you may wreck the latest impetus of your own opposing people.

Up to his teammates, Kuroo are an established, solid captain, will accountable for training the fresh new comfort of class after they are perception off using sneaky quips. The guy appears to get pleasure from against solid opponents and you can hides his anger with sharp smirks and you can boisterous opinions, all the while scheming methods to break apart the brand new contrary people.

Even after appearing sneaky and cool on the exterior, Kuroo features an unusual front side that’s toward display screen as he belts out in loud obnoxious laughs and you can partcipates in frivolous talk which have Bokuto [3] . Kuroo in addition to seems to often come across themselves as more away from an old man otherwise anybody merely annually or two young than your due to the fact youngsters, since shown when he proclaims «Ah, youth» immediately after seeing Inuoka and you can Hinata and you may speaking to Tsukishima [4] .


To 8 years old, Kuroo went next-door so you’re able to Kenma together with his nearest and dearest, hence contains his father and you may grand-parents. And if he had been kept by yourself, however visit Kenma’s house instead. He was detailed to-be shyer plus taken than just Kenma, therefore, the one or two got trouble learning for each other [2] .